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Over the past 30 years founder, Gregg Weinberger, has been involved in several large construction projects in the valley. From the remodeling and building of a large corporate office building to the construction of his own custom home, he has years of experience that led to the creation of GCW Builders today. 


Nearly a decade ago, Gregg went into business for himself, with his son Cody Weinberger by his side, and began remodeling several smaller homes.  As their experience grew, they decided to shift their business model to a complete design/build firm. In 2011, they formally combined their skills and expertise to form GCW Builders.   


This father and son team is currently building several custom homes in the Silverleaf neighborhood and other communities throughout Arizona. Their goal is to remain comparatively smaller in order to provide the finest quality on every home they complete.  "We want to do more than just build a custom home for our clients," says Cody. "We believe in creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients and their families as they enjoy their time in their GCW forever home."

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